TV's Top 10 WORST Chairs

    We've discussed the most memorable chairs in television, but yet to shed light on the worst chairs ever to grace our TV screens—until now. From infestation, to heavy wear-and-tear, to a just plain ugly appearance, here are the 10 worst chairs in television:

    Why Women Need Their Own Cave

    Men have dominated many basements for years. With their oversized televisions, leather couches, and sports memorabilia, they created the man cave. A spot that typically hosts many men on Sunday, or just one man on the regular, the man cave is the one spot in a home that is really just made for the man of the house. If he gets a spot to relax, then the lady of the house should too!

    5 Reasons to Visit Downtown Baltimore this Summer (in addition to a Shofer's Furniture visit)

    Federal Hill is home to many restaurants, bars, and locally owned shops. It's also whereone of the largest displays of furniture in the state of Maryland that spreads out over 70,000 square feet on five floors resides. You guessed it, Shofer's Furniture is right in the heart of Baltimore! But while you're here, there are a lot of other wonderful things Baltimore has to offer. Here are the Top 5 reasons to make the trip downtown this summer.

    Celebrate 100 Years with the History of the Mattress

    In honor of 100 years of Shofer's Furniture, we are sharing insightful, entertaining lessons on how many popular furniture pieces came about. We hope you’ll join us as we take a look into how the mattress as we know it today has evolved.

    3 Key things to know before walking into a furniture store

    Whether you're purchasing or just browsing, it's best to walk into a furniture store prepared for the journey you're about to embark on. You could fall in love with a chair unexpectedly, blind to where you are going to put it, or unsure if you've allotted the price into your expenses. This is why you should be prepared with three key things before walking into a furniture store.

    8-way hand-tied furniture and why you want it

    Have you ever heard of 8-way hand-tied furniture? If you're looking at quality furniture, there's a very good chance it's traditionally 8-way hand-tied, and you might not even know it. This type of detail and care is a procedure found in many exquisite furniture companies as part of their man-made and hand-crafted furniture process.

    Why you should invest in quality furniture

    Who doesn’t likes nice things? We all want to own a nice home, car, and if you're lucky, a vacation home that allows us to enjoy “the good life”. Large purchases that we make in life are a reflection of our personal taste and lifestyle. The same should apply to furniture in your home as well. Don't judge a book by its cover, and don't shun a piece of furniture because of its price tag. This brings us to the number one reason you should buy furniture of quality.

    The History of the Dining Room Table

    In honor of 100 years of Shofer's Furniture, we are sharing insightful, entertaining lessons on how many popular furniture pieces came about. We hope you’ll join us as we take a look into how the dining room table as we know it today has evolved.

    5 Reasons to Work with a Furniture Designer

    How an interior designer can be the difference between a bad and good customer experience.

    At Shofer’s Furniture we have expert interior designers on staff who are ready to provide you with free professional insight into what will work best for you, taking into consideration the size of your room, preferred style of furniture, and budget. Are you unsure if a designer’s help is worthwhile? In a time period full of apps and technology, it's easy to forget that sometimes a real- life expert can completely change your experience as a whole.

    Out with the old, in with the new...mattress.

    When a leg on your dining room table breaks, you know it's time for a new one. After your children or pets destroy your sofa, chances are you begin to search for a replacement. But, you're still able to sleep every night on your mattress, so how do you know if it's time for a new one? Sleep is very important for your mental and physical health, so you want to make sure you're getting the best rest you can. Some key indicators that you may be ready for a new mattress are: