Sofa, So Good. Celebrate 100 Years with the History of the Sofa

    Let’s honor 100 years of Shofer's Furniture with insightful, entertaining lessons on how many furniture pieces came about. We hope you’ll join us as we take a look into how the furniture we know today has evolved. Prior to the late 1680s in France, the glorious piece of furniture known as the sofa did not exist. Like the chair, the first sofas were thought to be luxury reserved for only the most elite of people. Now, they're a common household item.

    5 Must-Have Loft Accessories You NEED this Spring

    If you haven't heard, we have a store within our store here at Shofer's. It's called The Loft, and it offers great pieces at affordable price points. If you're looking for some fun accessories for the new season, The Loft has all you need! If you're interested in more, come see it yourself on our main level. You can also browse and buy online. First, check out five of our Loft accessories that we think you need to grab this spring.

    LEE Industries Loves Local and the Environment

    This month I would like to spotlight LEE Industries, a furniture manufacturer that has been handcrafting American made upholstering just a hop, skip and a jump away from us in North Carolina. Two particularly unique and noteworthy things LEE Industries champions is their LEE loves Local program as well as their dedication to the environment.

    ‘Shedding Some Light’ with Natural Lighting

    Think back to the last time you were laying on the beach with the warm sun glistening off your body, the cool breeze blowing through and the sound of the waves crashing down. This brings good memories, right? Now think about the time you lost power, were sitting in the dark, bundled up and cold. If you're like most, that's probably not your favorite moment. Warmth and light uplifts us. So let's get your home and mood glowing with natural light this spring!

    3 Tips for Simplifying Spring Cleaning

    Whether it feels like it or not, spring has arrived! That means it's time to plan for outdoor activities, pack away the winter clothes, and start the dreaded spring cleaning. If you do it right, it doesn't have to be an overwhelming process. Here are some tips to help you wipe away the dull of winter and freshen your home for spring.

    Take a Seat: Celebrate 100 Years with the History of the Chair

    Have a seat. Let’s honor 100 years of Shofer's Furniture with insightful, entertaining lessons on how many furniture pieces came about. We hope you’ll join us as we take a look into how the furniture we know today has evolved. Let's start our series with the history of the chair.

    Top 10 WORST sofas in TV

    Everyone needs a sofa. There's no getting around that. A good sofa means good times to be had. It's where you take your naps, where you sit with your buddies and cheer on sports, and where you watch your favorite TV shows at night. But some of those TV shows had sofas that NEED to be mentioned. You'll never find these bad boys on a list of the most magnificent pieces of furniture, but for the most part, they fit the tone of the show. Here are just 10 of the worst sofas that have been on display on TV shows.

    Hickory Chair: It’s not JUST a chair

    "If you win people's hearts, you will win the war," said Jay Reardon, former President of Hickory Chair. It all started with one made-to-order chair for Hickory Chair Furniture Co. At Hickory Chair, a chair is not just a chair, a sofa is not just a sofa, a table is not just a table, and so on. I think you get the point. No matter which piece you select, you can be sure that it’s hand-crafted by loving hands with each special detail and finish carefully created and inspected.

    Spring Has Sprung: Spring Colors For Your Home

    Looking out your window at the piled snow and remembering the sharp bite of this year’s winter cold is enough to make anyone wish for spring. The good news is that spring is nearly upon us and it’s time to start thinking about redecorating with a seasonal palette. Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal and it’s the perfect season to freshen up the look of your whole house -- or just a room or two. It’s easy with our simple tips.

    Curb or Consign: What to Do with Furniture You No Longer Use

    You’ve decided to take the leap and purchase the furniture of your dreams. But there’s just one problem: What do you do with those furnishings from that earlier dream? You’d like to see it get a new home, if possible, or even make you a little extra cash. Knowing which pieces are worth the effort of selling or should be donated/trashed can save you a lot of wasted time and effort. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when contemplating whether your furniture should be resold, donated, or committed to its final resting place at the local dump.


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