What Makes Shofer's Special

    Celebrating our centennial anniversary was a monumental moment for us, and for that we thank you. If we've had the pleasure of having you as a customer, then you have taken part of the Shofer's experience, and hopefully you had a pleasant journey along the way. If you haven't, then you may not know much about us. Here are some reasons that we're not just another building on the corner in Federal Hill:

    Why Custom Furniture?

    Custom furniture may turn some the other way after they realize it’s not a piece that can be taken home that day off of the showroom floor. Sure, it may take a little longer for it to be delivered, and your sofa may rise a little in price, but think about the importance and the value that comes with your custom piece.

    6 Ways to Decorate Red for Valentine's Day

    As you know, Valentine's Day is this weekend, and with that comes the celebration of love! While you're wondering what you should do to recognize the day and celebrate, I thought why not add some of that fun loving spirit into your home? Red immediately evokes emotion and is tied to feelings of affection, love, and romance. We've covered how you can incorporate red décor into your home here if you want more tips on how, why, and where to use red as an accent color. Check out these 6 different pieces on our showroom floor that you can use either as inspiration for your own style or as items you can bring into your home today!

    My Shofer's Showroom Picks

    If you're a faithful follower, frequent customer, or avid reader of Baltimore news, then it's likely that you've heard (more than once) that we have 5 floors of furniture that are spread over 70,000 square feet. That can sound like a lot to browse through, and frankly, maybe you're just too busy. Since I have the advantage of being here in the store, I figured I'd make it a little easier on you and use the blog to give you not only a preview of the showroom, but also my favorite picks of that particular week. Our showroom changes often, so check back and see what's new, what's unique, and what's flat out magnificent here at Shofer's!

    Glossary of Key Furniture Terms: Part Two

    With what feels like unlimited options to choose from, it can be overwhelming browsing or shopping for furniture if you're not sure what you're looking for or what any of the language means. We covered some terms but there are many more to cover. Whether you choose to work with a designer or do the research on your own, you are sure to come by some terms that you are unfamiliar with or unsure of their meaning. So, let's get educated with the next part of this miniature glossary of furniture terms so you can feel prepared in your furniture buying experience.

    Spotlight on Sherrill Furniture

    For over 60 years, Sherrill Furniture has been making its mark in the furniture industry, and they are focused on the future to come. What makes them so special? Before you receive your product, 75 different pairs of hands will have personally contributed to your piece. That's 75 experienced men and women making sure your piece not only looks and feels good, but also that it performs and lasts.

    4 Tips for a Home Office

    It's cold. The snow is starting to fall, the roads are starting to get messy, and traffic is just getting simply unsafe and intolerable. We all still have things we need to do, have places we want to go, and responsibilities that we need to take care of, but some of those things can be done from the comfort of our own home. If you have the option, are able to avoid the commute, and complete your work from home, then you'll need a home office that suits your needs, your style, and your space.

    Baltimore Things for January

    Now that the holiday season is over and we're officially into winter, January can be dreadful and quite boring. Without any big events to plan or attend, and weather that usually makes you want to stay inside, this month can seem like a drag. But, there are plenty of things to do, whether it's the usual activities available in Baltimore, or specific events in the next few weeks. Let's take a look at just some of the things that can keep you entertained this month!

    Get Ready for Christmas, Last Minute

    With only a couple days left until Christmas, it seems like the past 11 months flashed before many of our eyes. 2015 is approaching, and the holidays are here whether we are prepared for them or not. A large part of procrastinating around the holidays comes with last minute gifts, food preparation, and decorating. If you caught my previous post, you know to remember what is really important, but sometimes the other stuff gets in the way, too. Here are some quick tips to pull it all together for a wonderful holiday!

    The True Meaning of Christmas

    Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, etc., chances are that you're celebrating a holiday or two this season. With the focus being on decorating your home, arranging your space for guests, providing entertainment with food/drinks, and buying a copious amount of presents, it's easy to lose the real meaning of this season. While religion plays a major role in the holiday we choose to celebrate, there's an even deeper, broader reason to celebrate this December, and we can all join together in joy over the same feeling.