Shofer's Summer Showroom Picks

    The summer will be coming to an end in the next few weeks as kids are going back to school and we move into Labor Day Weekend, which usually is the ultimate sign that fall is about to arrive. That doesn't mean you have to darken up your home and toss away all the fun that reminds you of a bright, light, summer. Check out some of these showroom finds that can help you keep that fun feeling alive in your home throughout each and every season!

    Style Tips for Decorating

    Take a chance when styling your room, space, or home. There are a few things that you can try yourself that will still give the overall look of your home a polished, decorated, stylish space, even if you don't want to fully decorate your home with a designer. Check out these quick tips and leave a comment with any you may have!

    What New Can Do For You

    Retail therapy, fun adventures, trips, new and improved changes, can all help to liven up your life in times when you might not even be aware that you need it. Sometimes we get so used to our daily routines that we get caught up in a monotonous way of living that doesn’t allow us to really find joy, happiness, and peace throughout our day. Most of our time is either spent in our workspace or in our homes, so why not add something new, something to look forward to, and something to change the static of the everyday?

    Spotlight on A. Lynn Design: Lowcountry Living

    Andrea Lynn Orndorff is a Baltimore-area interior designer with her firm, A. Lynn Design, and we were privileged to have her design a window display that is currently in our showroom. I had the chance to connect with Andrea to discuss her design process and motivation behind her lowcountry living style decor that would set the theme for the feel of the room. Honored with the invitation to design a window display at Shofer’s furniture, she set out in search of inspiration.

    Glossary of Key Furniture Terms: Part Three

    With what feels like unlimited options to choose from, it can be overwhelming browsing or shopping for furniture if you're not sure what you're looking for or what any of the language means. We covered some terms but there are many more to cover.

    Get Your Home Ready for Summer: Checklist

    With spring coming to an end, in the next few weeks summertime will be here before we know it. You might have changed over the look of your home to better accommodate the warmer, brighter feeling that the season brings, but have you checked to make sure your home is really ready for summer? Look over our checklist to make sure there's nothing that you might have missed!

    Get Hooked on Hooker Furniture

    For more than 90 years, Hooker Furniture has been helping create beautiful homes. With bedroom, dining, living room and home office collections, fashion upholstery from Sam Moore and fine leather furniture from Bradington-Young, they are sure to help you create a home you'll love.

    Brighten Your Home for Spring

    The sun is shining brighter which means you’re most likely yearning to spend more time outside of your home. Why not make the best of both worlds and bring the joy of the warmer season inside? You can spread that joy throughout the day and night, whether you’re inside or outdoors. Decorate your home or work office, living room or bedroom, or any space that occupies your time, and you’ll find yourself smiling a little bigger this spring.

    Spotlight on Bittersweet Interiors

    Bittersweet Interior Designs, LLC is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. They will do everything they can to meet your expectations, and we’re honored to have a window display currently in our showroom that is designed by them.

    So who are they?

    Top Showroom Picks This Week

    If you're a faithful follower, frequent customer, or avid reader of Baltimore news, then it's likely that you've heard (more than once) that we have 5 floors of furniture that are spread over 70,000 square feet. That can sound like a lot to browse through, and frankly, maybe you're just too busy. Since I have the advantage of being here in the store, I figured I'd make it a little easier on you and use the blog to give you not only a preview of the showroom, but also my favorite picks of that particular week. Our showroom changes often, so check back and see what's new, what's unique, and what's flat out magnificent here at Shofer's!