Glossary of Key Furniture Terms: Part One

    With unlimited options to choose from, it may be overwhelming browsing or shopping for furniture if you're not sure what you're looking for. Whether you choose to work with a designer or do the research on your own, you are sure to come by some terms that you are unfamiliar with or unsure of their meaning. To better educate you, I compiled a miniature glossary of furniture terms so you can feel prepared in your furniture buying experience. This isn't the entire list, but it's a start at some words that you may have never heard of. Take a look, print it out, and let us know if we can help you in any way.

    5 Things to Do in Baltimore This Winter That Are More Fun Than Building Your Furniture

    Federal Hill is home to many restaurants, bars, and locally owned shops. It's also where one of the largest displays of furniture in the state of Maryland, spreading over 70,000 square feet on five floors, resides. You guessed it; Shofer's Furniture is right in the heart of Baltimore! But while you're here, there are a lot of other wonderful things Baltimore has to offer. Here are the Top 5 reasons to make the trip downtown this season.

    Why You Should Care About The Loft

    By now, we hope that you have heard about The Loft section of our store. If you have visited our showroom, then chances are you've walked to the left of the front desk into a room full of lime green tagged furniture. That's The Loft! If you haven't been here, then you may have noticed the other section of our website, but you may not really understand what it means. So instead of just talking about The Loft, I'm going to explain why you should care about it.

    Introducing: Interior Design with Frank Bush

    Frank Bush is an expert salesperson for Shofer's Furniture. He has been practicing interior design for over 30 years, in New York, Washington DC and Baltimore. Frank has also worked for two prestigious firms, Swanke Hayden Connoll architects and Perkins and Will architects. He has won local and national design awards. Today, his projects include: new construction, renovation, kitchen and bath design, landscape design and commercial interior design, in addition to residential interiors. Frank's knowledge of both architectural and interior design gives him a unique approach to projects.

    10 Ways to Bring Orange Into Your Home

    Because, we still love the Baltimore Orioles.

    Prepare Your Home for Colder Weather

    Summer is officially behind us. We're well into fall and the colder weather is here to stay. As you put on your boots and wrap up with scarves, it's also time to start thinking about how the drop in temperature can impact your home. Decorating for the changing seasons, bringing darker colors inside, and hanging up holiday décor is fun, but protecting your home is important.

    Thank You for 100 Years

    In honor of our birthday coming up, I wanted to take a break from giving you design advice and furniture tips, and take time to explain to you what 100 years means to us. Whether you've purchased some of your items in your home from Shofer's, acquired them through your family, are a prospective customer, or just a loyal fan, we appreciate each and every one of you. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't still be standing on the corner of South Charles Street in Federal Hill; so for that, we surely are grateful.

    Bernhardt Gives Back to the Community

    Bernhardt Furniture Company is known for making quality furniture over the past 125 years. Yet, Bernhardt doesn't only strive to keep their values of furniture, but also continues to build a giving community among it's employees. Committed to relationships, Bernhardt is still a family-owned business focused on the welfare of their local community. There are many employees At Bernhardt who volunteer their time and talents to the community, and we've highlighted three in particular here.

    10 things not to stress over when you buy your furniture at Shofer's

    There's a lot of hard things in this world. Why make furniture one of them? Check out this Top 10 list (with pictures) that will explain to you the things that we can guarantee won't happen when you buy your furniture at Shofer's.

    Buying A Table 101

    The dining room table is a staple piece of any home. It's a place where, if you're fortunate, many family dinners full of memorable conversations will take place. A table that will soak all of those memories in, forever allowing you to remember the joy you've experienced in your home. There's a good chance you aren't going to purchase a new dining room table frequently. However, as your family and home changes, you may decide to upgrade, downsize, or buy new depending on the condition of your table and the style of your home.