How to Choose a Quality Sectional


    The centerpiece of many gathering rooms is the sectional. Providing ample space for guests to sit and relax, it is a large piece of furniture that covers the majority of square feet in most living rooms. If you are going to have this one major piece of furniture in your room, you want to make sure you know how to choose a quality sectional.

    Multiple Pieces are One Fluid Piece in a Quality Sectional

    Unlike a solid piece of furniture like a sofa, a sectional has multiple pieces designed to fit together. A low-quality sectional will leave you frustrated, constantly pushing the pieces together to avoid inevitable gaps. This will be even worse if you have furniture abusers living in your home. Constantly losing remote controls and other items between the pieces of a low-quality sectional will quickly convince you that it’s not worth the trouble.

    If sectionals could be constructed to be one piece, manufacturers would do so. Sectionals are built to get inside most homes and to fit through doorways. But the end product should look like one solid piece of furniture. A quality sectional will use ganging devices – a way to attach the pieces together to make them look like one solid piece of furniture instead of three or four pieces pushed together. When you look at the sectional from the back, you should not see large gaps between the sections. High-quality sectionals will appear seamless, even if they are upholstered with patterned fabric.

    Quality Sectionals Come in Many Different Fabric Choices

    Choosing a high quality sectional can seem like a daunting task, but the color and fabric options can provide additional insight into the quality of the piece. If there are a lot of options for colors and fabrics, there’s a good chance that the piece will be custom built to suit your needs. Custom-built pieces are typically of a higher quality than mass-produced pieces (which typically have far fewer materials options) This Claro sectional from Baker is a great example of a high-quality, custom piece (and the color displayed is just one of many options you have).  

    Quality Sectionals Allow for Customization

    Manufacturers that offer a variety of customizations, from fabric to cushion composition to design, can assure you of quality. The more you are able to customize the piece, the more likely it is that you’ll be investing in a high-quality sectional that will last a long time.

    A sectional is a large investment but one that can make a dramatic difference in your home’s décor and available seating, so it’s important to choose well.


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